Living Your Dream

Hey, Mamas!

How are the first weeks of school treating you? I don’t know about you, but I’m challenged by the earlier wake up times, the snack and lunch prep, and getting the kids out the door to arrive at school on time. I keep thinking one day this will all be a distant memory. Sometimes that day can’t come soon enough! But in all honesty, I love it all. And during it all, I’ve been taking the time to take care of myself. 

Part of my self-care is showing my kids that I don’t have to delay my dreams—It means making them happen. So while I guide my children, I take care of myself by continuing my own timeline beside theirs.

Launching D’BohoMama, LLC is the result of my passion to celebrate traditions and recognize memorable experiences. I hope you stop by and see that it’s not just a purchase you’re making, it’s a memorable experience as well.